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Campus Life

Niger State  College of Education, Minna takes keen interest in the student health, fitness  and welfare. It encourages all students and staff to take part in recreational  activities and participate in well-known games and athletics. 

Programs of  activities are organized through the Student Affairs Division and the Student's  Directorate of Sport/College Coach. 

The College Coach who is directly  responsible to the Student's of Affairs Officer heads the sport section. His  special duty is to undertake training and advice on the organization of all  sporting activities in the College both at national and international levels.



Although the College is a public non-sectarian-institution, members of the community are encouraged to observe their religious faith. 

Each religious group should strive to promote religious tolerance.



Sexual harassment is a gross misconduct. Which the College Management forbids. As a result, the College Management has put in place a committee known as Moral Conduct Committee (a.k.a Sexual Harassment Committee). A student is expected to report any case of sexual harassment to this committee. The office of the Chairperson to the committee is presently located at the Gado-Nasko Auditorium.
Sexual harassment involves verbal pressure or gestures for sexual activities or physical assaults including unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors like higher underserved grades in course. It is a violation of a student right as no one has the right to touch a student at any part of his/her body without his/her consent. Fresh female students are more at risk of being harassed than their male counterparts.

Every student should avoid being a victim of sexual harassment through the following ways;

  • Dressing modestly and decently(see Section 4.25 on Dress Code)
  • Avoiding the use of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Avoiding being found in lecture’s offices alone and at odd hours
  • Being punctual to lectures.
  • Submitting assignments as at when due
  • Attending sexual harassment sensitization programs
  • Learning some personal skills such as assertiveness, finding help, etc.

At any attempt sexually harassed by anybody, please contact our hotline through phone call or text message to 08162222442.



Be informed that the following constitute inappropriate modes of dressing and will not be tolerated in the College environment (including Lecture Halls, Library, Laboratories, Examinations’ Venues, Schools and Administrative Building):

  • Short and Skimpy dresses. E.g body hugs, show-me-your-chest, spaghetti wears and dresses exposing sensitive parts of the body.
  • Tight shorts and obscene skirts that are above the knees (except for sporting purposes)
  • Tattered Jeans and Jeans with holes.
  • Transparent and see-through dresses.
  • Tight fittings such as Jeans, Skirts, Hip, Petra, lactra etc. that reveal the body shape and contour.
  • Under-clothing such as Singlet’s worn publicly
  • Unkempt appearances such as wearing of bathroom slippers to classroom (except on medical grounds)
  • Long and tight skirt with slit in front or at the sides, which unduly reveal sensitive parts of the body as the wearer moves on.
  • Wearing of T-Shirts with obscene inscriptions
  • Shirts without buttons or not properly buttoned that reveal the wearer’s chest unduly
  • Wearing of earrings by male students
  • Plaiting or weaving of hair by male students. 


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