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Change of Names

Change of name is not usually allowed. Students must register with the name he or she is admitted. However, if it becomes necessary that he or she should change his or her names, he or she must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Must get a letter from his or her local Government Area (LGA) of origin stating reasons that led to change of his or her former name and conditions that brought about change of his or her names. The letter should be properly signed and stamped by the secretary of the same LGA.

  2. Must publish his or name in any of the national newspaper stating that he or she was formerly known and called Mr. or Mrs. X (as the case may be) would like to b e known and called by the new name(s). the former name(s) should be regarded as invalid

  3. Must bring ‘a’ and ‘b’ above to the Academic Division of the College to collect the necessary forms for completion, it is after the above condition (‘a’ to ‘c’) are fulfilled that the student can be allowed to change his or her name. in this case of a female student who wants to enjoy the status of indigene because she is married to an indigene, she must fulfill the above conditions (‘a’ to ‘c’) and the following conditions in addition
  • If she is a divorcee, she must bring an injunction from the court which dissolved her earlier marriage.
  • She must bring a letter of identification form the said husbands LGA stating that the husband is from that LGA in Niger State.
  • She must bring her marriage certificate.
  • The husband must then write an application letter to the provost of the College requesting the college to grand the woman the status of indigene I the college because he is married to her. Other convincing reason should also be given in the letter.
NOTE: all the conditions above must be fulfilled before the application could be written for consideration, otherwise, no action would be taken on the request ‘iv’ above.



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