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Hostel Regulations

The College has only one female host block, which has about 180 bed spaces, therefore, the College provides hostel accommodation for only some of its female students. All male students live off campus due to unavailability of male hostel.

All students officially allocated bed spaces in Hall of residence are made to sign an undertaking to be of good conduct and to abide by the following College rules and regulations:

  • College authority is not under any obligation to provide students with hostel accommodation. Hence, allocation of bed space in hall of residence is therefore privilege and not a right.
  • Rooms may be occupied on the day before the beginning of lectures, and through to the last day of the session.
  • Rooms are rented on sessional basis. All rents are payable after allocation to the rooms at the Accounts Department.
  • Students who withdraw from the hostel for any reason or who are dismissed or are requested to withdraw from the college for any reason whatsoever after the beginning of the session are not entitled to return to the all or to any refund of accommodation fees or any other required charges.
  • The right to room is not transferable. It is an offence punishable by fine and/or by expulsion from the hostel to make such transfer.
  • Students are held liable for any careless or willful destruction or damage of College property. Repairs cost for proven damages/destruction will be charged to the student, any damage to common room facilities shall be the collective responsibility of the students concerned.
  • At the close of the session, expulsion from hostel or upon severance of their connection with any part of the work of College, students are required to return immediately all keys and other College property in their possession to the appropriate officer.
  • Willful failure to submit keys at close of session attracts strict penalty.

The student’s welfare Committee shall at its discretion visit the student’s hostel and rooms for inspection purposes. Thrashes, wastes, sanitary pads, etc. should be placed in the dustbin/receptacles provided in the hostel and toilets. On no account should these be thrown into the sinks. A hostel is a center of a community life. All resident students are expected to contribute their quota to make it a happy home. Each student is also required to exercise the great discretion and self discipline in relation to other students, hostel authorities and staff as well as the general public.

The hall master/mistress must be notified of student’s meetings or any function taking place in the hostel. Application for approval to hold a function in the hostel must be obtained from the applicants within 48 hours of that function. Any visitor attending such meeting or function must sign visitor’s book.


  1. In the interest of hostel residents, noise must be kept to the minimum. Wireless sets, radios, stereo sets are to be used not late than 10:00pm. Each day. These instrument should not, however be played in such a manner as to cause disturbance to others.
  2. No appliance may, on any account, be connected to the lighting circuit
  3. Students must not tamper or alter in any way electrical installations in their rooms or any part of the hostel.
  4. The installation and/or use of cookers, toasters, immersion heaters, refrigerators, cooking rings, etc. is not allowed I student’s rooms.
  5. Any incident of fire shall be investigated by the Student’ Affairs/Advisory committee and reported to the Provost. Both the national fire codes and the college regulation will govern the Criminal and/or disciplinary action to be taken against person(s) found responsible for the fire out break/
  6. When there is no electricity and students make their own arrangements to buy and use candles, great caution must be exercised to avoid any possible fire out-break.
  7. Smoking of cigarettes is not allowed in the rooms.
  8. Students are responsible for all items or furniture and other school properties in their rooms.
  9. Students leaving their rooms on vacation or finally on completion of their courses must be properly checked out by the porters before they leave. The college will not be responsible for personal effects left behind by students.
  10. Students causing a local electrical power failure in a part of the hostel or even the whole hostel will be charged with the cost of restoration of power and may face further disciplinary action.
  11. All fixtures, fittings and furnishing must not be tampered or modified in anyway whatsoever.
  12. No posters, post cards, newspaper/magazine cuttings, etc shall be displayed on the walls, doors or windows of hostel rooms.
  13. Permission must be obtained from the appropriate authority for the use of halls or classrooms for extra curricula activities.
  14. Students must leave the hostel not later than 12noon of the following day of the day which the college officially closes except on permission by the college authorities.
  15. No meal, cookery or cutlery shall be removed out of the cafeteria except for students issued with medical certificates of unfitness to walk to or to feed at the cafeteria.
  16. All complaints relating to meals or cafeteria services shall be directed to the student’s union Welfare officer or the President of the student union.
  17. Under no circumstances shall meals be cooked within students rooms or along corridors. Any student found guilty of this offence shall be suspended from the hostel for up to one academic year.
  18. It is an offence punishable by expulsion from the hostel for any student to sublet accommodation to any visitor overnight or permit squatter in his/her room without approval of the Student Affairs Officer.
  19. If an already ejected landlord or squatter is caught again pirating or squatting with another student in hostel, the second offender shall be suspended from the college for up to one academic year, while the first offender(the new landlord) forfeits his/her room allocation without any refund.

A student, once allocated to a hall, is not normally permitted to transfer to another one except on medical grounds and/or for any other good reasons acceptable to the student Welfare Committee. Application for such a transfer should be made on the approved form obtainable from the office of the Student Affairs Officer. Once application is approved, it is the responsibility of the student to transfer himself/herself. The college, however, reserves the right to make changes in room assignment or transfer students from one hall to another during the session.



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