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The primary function of the college is education-of which the teaching of culture and the inculcation of good character is an integral part. When a student is admitted into the college , it is assumed that he/she has his/her own intellectual and social development, for this reason,, it is assumed that the student will conduct himself/herself as a responsible citizen, I accordance with the college’s best standard rules and other conditions established by the legally constituted authorities of the college.

The college expects high standard of personal integrity from every students. Each student therefore is expected to conduct himself/herself peacefully in exposing any changes, which he/she may consider necessary. The college regards as serious offences, all acts of unethical, immoral, dishonest or destructive behaviors as well as violation of the college regulations.

The legitimate expressions of differing opinions and concerns are essential parts of any disciplined academic community, and the impositions of opinions and concerns upon those who in turn dissent from them are not to be tolerated.

All members of the college community are to obey the laws of the nations, and learn to tackle problems with intelligence, reasonableness, understanding and consideration for the rights of others. each members should recognize that as he/she right and freedom for himself/herself so also is he/she expected to respect the rights and freedom of others.

The college reserves the right, upon evidence of a student’s inability to abide by its regulations, to discipline him/her or to insist through the established disciplinary processes upon his/her withdrawal and /or refuse his/her re-admission.



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