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Social Misconduct

The following are considered misconduct of grave consequences and therefore prohibited:

  1. Any act of stealing
  2. Any act of forgery
  3. Any want on damage of College property
  4. Spreading of malicious and or false character damaging rumors
  5. Assault on lecturers. Other staff and fellow students
  6. Fighting between students or other
  7. Using third party to assault any other person or using same to cause damage to College property
  8. Cheating of any kind
  9. Belonging to any unregistered association in the College e.g. secret cult.
  10. Any other Anti-social behavior.

Involvement in any of these misconducts will be met with severe penalties laid down by the College Authority.

  1. Fines: these must be paid within specific period to avoid further stringent actions being imposed. Fine may be imposed on the approval of the appropriate College Committee for certain categories of offences.
  2. Disciplinary Probation: this is a trial for a specific period of time during which a student must have behaved in a manner acceptable to the College the Disciplinary Committee, for example, might find it necessary to impose terms which will restrict the students participation in extracurricular and/or any other activities of the College, if necessary.
  3. Suspension: this is an act, which excludes the student from registration, class attendance, and the use of College facilities, for a specific period of time. This action means that the student must immediately leave the college.
  4. Expulsion: this is a permanent withdrawal by the Provost of the privilege of registration, class attendance or residence in an official college hall of residence. The privilege of the use of the college facilities is also withdrawn by the sanction. This action means that the student must leave the college immediately.
  5. Loss of Privilege: this is the withdrawal of privilege or use of the college facilities (such as the library, sports equipment, etc.) for a specific period of time.
  6. Reimbursement: this requires that a student must pay for damages to less or misappropriation of college property of the member of the college community. Such reimbursement is charged to any student who alone or though a group concerted activities organized or participates I the events which caused the damages, loses or the misappropriations. Students affected have a right of appeal to the Government Council of the College through the Provost against the decision of the committee.


  • Each department has a Disciplinary Committee (DC) which will monitor, investigate, punish or make recommendations on cases in indiscipline.
  • Each unit/school has a Disciplinary Committee (SOC) to deal with cases of indiscipline, which cut across two or more departments.
  • These is a central disciplinary committee (CDC) that deals with cases of gross indiscipline which may be referred to by the department or school disciplinary committee. Any student appearing before CDC should appreciate the gravity of his/her offence.
  • Head of department have powers to reprimand and in some cases suspend for up to two weeks erring students.
  • Directors/deans have powers to suspend erring students for up to four weeks.
  • Provost has power to suspend a student, student’s Union EXCO, parliament, clubs, and association as soon as they have breached their constitutions whole the cases of indiscipline are being investigated by the appropriate body.


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